About Paul

I am a freelance landscape and wildlife photographer/videographer based in Yorkshire.

My passion for the outdoors started at an early age, with an interest in fossils and wildlife found in my parents back garden. This spread to exploring various landscapes and habitats searching for different specimens, and photographing them as I went.

A Geological science degree and a career in IT later, I got my first digital SLR which reignited my passion for photography and got me back out into nature, and I haven’t looked back since.

I completed an MSc in Biological Photography and Imaging at the University of Nottingham. I spent the summer foraging for and photographing edible plants and fungi in the East Midlands to produce a guidebook called Foraging for the Kitchen, demonstrating how foraged food can be used to supplement and enhance our everyday meals.

Whether I am out walking in the hills, or foraging around in the forest undergrowth, I am always on the lookout to capture imagines of interesting animals, birds, insects, plants, and landscapes.

Please feel free to browse my images and videos. I would love to hear from you if you have any comments or feedback.